Brand design and content creation

Abundance Designs offers creative services for businesses in the sustainable and wellness industry.  Let’s share your business ethos, showcase your products and services the right way. 

Brand design and content creation

Abundance Designs offer creative services for visionaries, change-makers and entrepreneurs in the wellness industry.  Let’s share your business ethos, products and services of sustainable living the right way.

let's create content and make a difference

We make sure your Brand Identity are the best representation of your business essence and resonate with your target audience.

Logos & Brand Development

A logo is more than just creating a pretty design. Your brand signature (typically composed of text) and brand symbol (image), the logo serves as a brand’s most important visual signifier. Abundance Designs provide in depth research on your brand’s Who, What and Why to fully understand our brand. We value our clients' input and ideas and working with you help us to develop and refine your logo and brand identity.
DELIVERABLES: * Primary logo & secondary logo/logo variations * Colour and typography systems. * Secondary identifiers (i.e patterns and or Graphic elements) * Brand guideline to document the visual.identity and ensure consistent application.
INVESTMENT starting at R5400


Just like a logo and engaging website are recognizable signifiers for your brand identity, so can a professional portrait represent the business of you and a lifestyle product shoot share a compelling story. Photographs are powerful marketing material. A good photo can speak up for your brand and exhibit your brand’s unique qualities.
INVESTMENT starting at R1770p.h excluding travel

Social media

With our design and photography superpowers we will make sure your business stands out visually across all advertising and social media platforms. When it comes to social media our vision is to be part of the change. We focus on creating meaningful content that inform and educate consumers about healthy alternatives, living a sustainable lifestyle and inspire wellbeing.
INVESTMENT starting at R3800pm.


"It's no use going back to yesterday because I was a different person then" ~ Alice in Wonderland


With eleven years of design experience, magazine features and photography awards I can say graphic design and photography is my “Zone of Competence”.

I however now focus on working in my “Zone of Genius”.

This is where I create high-quality and meaningful content using my design and photography skills. I establish memorable brand experiences and on-brand content for my clients in the sustainability sector and wellness industry.

Why sustainability and wellness? I am a catalyst for positive change. I am always willing to improve myself and the world around me. I believe that even small changes can bring a huge impact.  These businesses typically align with my brand values and target conscious consumers.

If you can relate, consider yourself a visionary, change-maker and or entrepreneur I would love to hear more about your business.


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