Product Photography for Plus Minus

Plus Minus (previously known as Splendid) is a DIY shop initially dreamed up and established in 2012 by three creatives – Allice Tindall, Dirk Vermaak and Andrea van Tonder.

Abundance Designs provided product photography for Plus Minus, a beautiful DIY shop situated at the Karoo Café and Lifestyle Centre, 141 Lynwood Road, Pretoria. These photographs are widely used on social media platforms and marketing material.  Product photography for Plus Minus was featured on the lovilee blog in April 2013.

Plus Minus stock exceptional gifts that you don’t find in every shop.  In addition to the extraordinary textiles made at the shop under Allice Tindall’s professional supervision, the shop also showcases products of various South African artists.

Read more about Plus Minus on the lovilee blog featuring ‘product photography for Splendid (now called Plus Minus)’ by Abundance Designs.

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