Handmade Felt Monsters

There is something so special about a gift that is handmade with love. It is the time and the knowing who made the product that gives it its value. These little handmade felt monsters originate from Madeleen Munting’s imagination, captured on sketch paper before they are cut out of felt. With much love, these little felt monsters are hand stitched and put together by Madeleen Munting on order.

Hand made Felt Monsters are more or less 26cm in height and 20cm wide.

Hand made Felt Monsters are for sale at R280 each excluding postage.

Place your order by filling in the enquiry form on the contact page.

Choose your felt monster shape:
1.) H-shape, 2.) Wang-Tooth shape, 3.) Sloth-inspired shape.
Choose two or three colours for your felt monster.
Let us know who your handmade felt monster going to, a boy or a girl? This determines the little unique details.